Firmware mod Ford Convers+ / Mondeo 5 (Ford Fusion)
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Please take an attention when buy tpms sensors,
I personally have seen many times that sensors people buy a car can't see,
because why I recommend to buy original sensors, with [FoMoCo] logo or VDO S180084730Z - its OEM Ford sensors
Update [01.10.2021]: since 2021 year I DO NOT recommend to buy VDO S180084730Z sensors anymore, a car can't see them too.

but since 2019 year China started to sell tpms sersors set for low price, for our cars CD34x family - Mondeo4/Smax/Galaxy

1. Sensors 8G92-1A159-AC
from this seller it looks like original, with [FoMoCo] logo

2. Sensors 8G92-1A189-KB
this seller has without [FoMoCo] logo, but many people reviewed that sensors are fine
or here
don't forget that for fully correct tpms system,
need to update Convers+ for tpms patch