Ford Mondeo4/S-Max cluster improvement: Ford Convers+
and others: Mondeo 5/Fusion/Edge/Mustang/Flex and more
any question, email me, or chat me: conversmod, news: conversmod news
Equipment required for self update Els27 or Elm327 compatible device (USB)
or UCDS or J2534 compatiple (Ford VCM-2/VCMM, Mongoose, Scanmatik2 etc)
  • Firmware update guide: described here

  • These updates available currently:
  • True engine temp indicator for Mondeo 5/ S-Max/ Edge clusters
  • True engine temp indicator for 2LCD clusters: Fusion/US Edge/Lincoln clusters
  • Startup cluster gauge sweep for 2LCD clusters Fusion/Edge/Lincoln clusters
  • Custome themes for Mondeo 5/ S-Max/ Edge euro clusters
       Here is theme builder -> Theme editor
  • Setting up any EU languages for any US Ford/Lincoln cars